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Posted on 17 May 2017

You get dressed for the simple reason of feeling comfortable and confident, wearing clothes which you know make you feel sexy and look good are a massive influence. We have all seen someone in public who may look awkward with the style that they are wearing; the outfit may not work with their natural body shape and the colour might be clashing with their features. We at THG want to make sure that when you leave the house that you feel confident, stylish and comfortable.
First you need to identify what body shape you might fall under.
Straight – Bust and hips are pretty much the same size with the waist not being very defined.
Pear – Hips are larger than the bust with a defined waist.
Hourglass – Bust and hips are the same size while the waist is very defined.
Inverted triangle – Bust is larger than the hips. Waist not very defined.
Oval – Waist is larger than the bust and hips. Hips are narrower than bust.
Diamond – Waist is larger than bust and hips. Hips are wider than shoulders.
Now that you have an idea of what your body shape might be, it’s time to start finding styles which will enhance your gorgeous figure. THG have all body shapes covered.
Straight Shape  
Look for a bit of volume in the shoulder area, capped sleeves work well. Dresses with a defined waist, add a belt if needed; an A-line dress will give you some extra curves. 
All of the stars mini dress:    Selena tee dress:                Stardust mini dress:            
Pear Shape
 Look for A-line shapes to embrace those curves, details on the bust, shoulders and an empire waist or off the shoulder dress complements your natural features.
  Hourglass Shape 
Wrap style dresses, body-con dresses and pencil skirts will elevate this body shape.
Inverted Triangle Shape
Narrow V-necks, A-lines and wrap style dresses all work for this body type.
Lone star mini dress:            The hills maxi:                     Gypsy love maxi formal dress:
Oval Shape 
Keep an eye out for empire waist dresses, wrap style dresses and A-line bottoms will balance your hips and bust.
Tassle hem skirt:                 Infinity maxi dress:               Break free stripe pants + top:
 Diamond Shape 
Wearing garments that have wide V-necks, sleeves or other details on the shoulders or bust area, empire waist garments will look great on you.
What now playsuit:                            Shine on midi dress:     Tracking billow front playsuit:
#3 Matching colours to complement your natural features and shape is also something to consider. Flip your hand over and survey your wrist, what colour are the veins?
If they look blue or purple, you’re “cool toned”. If they look green or have a yellow hue, you’re “warm toned”. Warm toned people should wear earthy shades like brown, khaki, orange, red, taupe, camel and rose gold. People who are cool toned should steer towards white, black, navy, light blue and greens.
You want your style to best reflect you! taking these styling factors into consideration will heighten your overall beauty, style and confidence! XX

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