Posted on 12 April 2017

So, there you are, hands sweating, heart rate elevated and a constant restlessness which you can’t stop. All the worst-case scenarios race through your mind and you are hit with a sense of overwhelming anxiety. It’s simple, being on the hanging end of a text from a prospective admirer sucks and most of us have been in this situation when either dating or single. Why is it taking him so long to reply? Did I do something wrong? Those are some of the questions that you ask yourself in tense times of doubt. Sometimes it seems that simple texting etiquette goes straight out the window and can become frustrating for many.

Although through this frustration there are solutions that can be considered to ease one’s mind. There are many factors to consider as not everyone is the same when it comes to the values and attitudes that they expect from others.

His texting etiquette may be at a very different standard to what you perceive to be acceptable. While you may text your friends constantly throughout the day he may message his friends in short bursts during specific times throughout the day where he is not thinking about work. If you see that he has been active on Facebook and is still yet to reply to your text it may be a simple case of priority or, he just may be ignoring you. He may want to reply in his own time where you have his undivided attention as oppose to a quick reply that you may consider to be quite bland. The factors are endless as humans are complex beings and sometimes relying on what your gut is telling you is probably the best advice to go with.

The bottom line is that, if he is interested he will come to you. Being anxious and frustrated seems to be a staple standard for most new romantics, with anxious people being more susceptible to reading into small details which others may find less important. A self-destructive ritual which is common and annoyingly debilitating.

Option 1: Take a step back from the texting. Turn your phone on aeroplane mode for a couple of hours and occupy with something else. Activities like gym, going for a run, going for a drive or spending time with close friends are perfect for getting your mind off self-doubt.
Option 2: Clean something in your space. Cleaning your room or organizing certain areas can give you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Cleaning is also a great way of letting off some steam and focusing on other topics. Your living space reflects your mental state. Light a candle and play your favorite tunes.
Option 3: Have a bath. Baths are great for easing tension within the body and mind. They are also great for deep thinking and internal conflict resolutions. Adding Lavender or Frankincense essential oils to the bath will also elevate the calming nature.
Option 4: Take your mind off him by dressing yourself up and going out with a friend can be beneficial. This opportunity gives you a chance to seek advice from someone you cherish while also easing the pressure through conversation.  
Option 5: Tell him that you get frustrated with his lack of reply or interest. Usually guys will respond with a substantial response which will guide you with what to say or do next. Be to the point and explain how it makes you feel. If he is keen to change his ways, he will. He may ask something of you too. Be prepared to compromise if you deem reasonable.  
Option 5: Simply let life take the wheel and go with the flow of the conversation, things may develop slowly. It is not your job to worry. Do not uphold high expectations for his texting etiquette as he may be adjusting to the way you text too. Wait for him to reply, and if he doesn’t. You then have the options to bring him up to speed with how you are feeling. If his reply is unsatisfactory then ... Boy, bye!
He will come to you if he is keen. Trust your gut girlfriend!


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