What's so great about Bali anyway?

Posted on 18 July 2017

It hurts doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter what month it is, every time you open Instagram there is someone sipping a cocktail poolside, and they’re looking pretty chummy about themselves. But is Bali really that great? We’ve got our investigation spectacles on and we’re taking a look.

Bali is an international hub for fashion, relaxation, health and adventure. The Indonesian island is synonymous with Aussie culture, and we just simply cant’ handle suffering through a few months without a bikini on. Bali is very welcoming of western culture and tourists, which has created a diverse cultural hub for people all over the world to enjoy beach and surf culture. It’s a destination for the adventurous, foodies, health junkies, eco lovers, surfers, and plain and simple beach lazing babes.


 Eco Dream



Live the #Offgrid life at Hideout Lightroom. Where adventurous travellers and eco-enthusiasts can escape the city and enjoy the nature of Bali. This small bamboo house is an eco dream, built from locally harvested bamboo trees, a night at this AirBNB is a rustic and authentic experience amongst a small Balinese village.


Surf & Tan



In true lazy girl style, Ulluwatu is home to an array of gorgeous blue water, white sand beaches. Soak up some rays at a luxury resort like Anantara. If there is ever a time to splurge it’s when you get the chance to watch the sun set, in a pool, on a cliff, whilst listening to the sound of waves crash. You deserve it.



Uluwatu is also a surfer’s haven. With the best breaks in Bali, Uluwatu draws in surfers from all over the world. If you’re not a surfer you can sneak a cheeky peak at the surfers with a cocktail in hand at Single Fin (the best Sunday Session in Bali). Thank you Mojito confidence.


Relax & Revive


A famous location in the book Eat, Pray, Love, Ubud is the destination for health and relaxation. Unsurprisingly Ubud is full of Yogi’s, practicing amongst the rice paddy fields and jungle.



Amongst the greenery is the Ubud Yoga Centre, a yoga retreat and workshop studio where you can stretch away the pain of a jungle hike.



If you’re more into massages than sweating it out in a yoga studio, the Hanging Gardens of Bali has one of the best infinity pools in the world (read: most instragramable pools in the world).


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And if all this relaxation is too much, feel the adrenaline rush from swinging above the jungle at this AirBNB. 


Eat & Drink 


Seminyak is Bali’s cultural & lifestyle hub, i.e. eating, drinking and shopping. A popular destination for models and celebrities, Seminyak is the most fashionable destination in Bali.
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Our advice: There is nothing wrong with following the crowd. Get yourself a ticket to Bali
Written By Justine Coneybeer

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