Top 5 apps to keep you in the loop!

Posted on 08 June 2017

 Let’s face it, we live in a fast-paced world where anything can happen and trends come and go as quickly as you change your nail polish! (or maybe even quicker) 

 So, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what and we don't have the time to do endless searching day in and day out for the best looks, best shops and even sometimes what’s on in our own lives!

 I've put together a list to help you make sure you're on top of you game and not lagging behind!


Good on you.  Free. 

Sustainability, its trending and its good! To those who aren't up to date, sustainable fashion doesn't just mean that you go op shopping and give old clothes an extended life (though that is something that is fun and excellent!) it can also mean that you make better choices when purchasing clothes. 

 Where were the clothes made, what’s the companies view on sustainable and ethical choices? where did the fabric come from?

It can be hard to do all the research to see if your favourite brands are producing in the worlds favour. Good on you, a directory app that has it all there for you. The app rates brands based on how they treat the environment, animals and their workers, and if that particular brand isn't up to scratch, you can view brands that are similar that have higher ratings!


Instagram. Free. 

Look, we've all probably got it and use it on the daily, but it’s a handy little app for keeping up to date! Instagram has come a long way from its original photo sharing days. 

The app allows you to share photos, videos, boomerangs and now even stories with the world, or just your group of friends (whichever you prefer!) 

It has also become a great marketing tool, allowing you to have access to the world’s most favourite beauty, fashion, travel and health/fitness influencers/bloggers. The app has enabled them to share their tips and tricks much more easily and its right at our fingertips! 

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Afterpay. Free. 

Afterpay has become the preferred payment method for online shopping. It’s dangerous for our wallets but its handy for our wardrobes! That pay check doesn't come in until Thursday, but you really want that top... you after pay it! Shop now, pay later. 

It has a directory for all the designers and stores that are a part of this new payment revolution. 

You can create barcodes that allow you to shop this method in a physical store

And now and then it delivers special limited time offers!

What are you waiting for? Afterpay it!


Did you know we’re on afterpay? Read more about it on THG.


Clue. Free. 

This little app helps keep you track of your 'schedule'. Personally, I got sick of writing a red P or circling on a calendar every day of the month, I always missed symptoms and kept getting surprised when that week came about. Well, no more! Clue is an easy to use app that allows you to customise the settings so that it works for you! 

You can track your symptoms, moods, sleep patterns and it shows you when and how long your cycle runs for! Clue has honestly become a helpful and handy app that I will never get bored of. 


Uber/Uber eats. Free

As avid Ubereats customers at THG, we’ve become regulars to the drivers in the area! We get pretty busy in the office and sometimes forget that lunch time has rolled around! This is where Ubereats has come pretty handy.

So, it works similar to the original Uber app, you rely on Uber drivers in the local area, place your order on the app for your favourite restaurant and then 20 mins later your Uber driver is knocking at your door with a steamy container full of fried rice. Yum! 

Our top pick is Mrs Luu’s!



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