Posted on 30 May 2017

Fetching coffee and awkwardly abiding by your supervisor’s ridiculous orders. That’s what an internship is right? “It’s fine, everyone has to do it before they can work their way up the food chain” I thought to myself before my first day. Wrong I was. When you first begin your time at Toby Heart Ginger you are welcomed by a group of hard-working and passionate girls, as well as some furry friends (defs a highlight of each day). Then, after a quick tour and run-through of who does what in making everything happen, you get the chance to explain why you’re here and where you would like to end up after this experience. I told Georgia, my supervisor, that I was quite interested in the marketing side of the industry, as well as social media and styling. Through this, she was able to tailor the internship to my specific interests and aims, making the internship not only enjoyable but also a great learning experience and super rewarding. And one that didn’t involve fetching one coffee.
Being a fashion communications student, practical experience is not necessarily something you get a lot of. Lectures, classrooms and reading content however is. And although these elements are vital in educating the history and business of fashion, gaining practical experience has taught me so much in such a short period of time. 12 weeks at Toby Heart Ginger and I have been able to take away so much.
Each week I got to both watch and learn how things are done at a fashion label and too have my own input and tasks to complete. From writing blog posts, attending campaign photoshoots, styling for the showroom, creating social media content, developing marketing ideas, packing orders for customers, helping with the Toby Heart Ginger website and much more, I can take away so much to help me in both my career and general insight into the world of fashion.
On top of this, at the halfway point of my internship I got the chance to sit down with Georgia and discuss what specific elements I was enjoying most and what else I wanted to get out of the experience before my time here was up. This just goes to show how much the girls here care about your experience and how they can help you learn as much as you can, and not just utilise your position to lift some weight off their own shoulders.
Despite specifically focusing on marketing, I was not closed off to every other element within the brand. I got an insight into how each person’s role is integral in making Toby Heart Ginger the successful business it is. Not only did I get to witness and experience how everything comes together, from design to production, marketing, social media and sales, but I also found a new desire for marketing. Before going into this internship, I was unsure of where I wanted to go in the crazy world of fashion, with only interests in marketing and styling, but found through practical experience a strong interest in the marketing side of the industry.
I recommend an undertaking of an internship to anyone who is unsure of where they want to go within the industry. By experiencing a company or position as an intern you are able to gain insight into how everything works, what is involved in each role and gain practical experience within a range of areas/ tasks, allowing you to find what areas you are best at and most enjoy. And of course, for any fashion intern, whether you are interested in marketing, sales, production, design or have no idea, I couldn’t recommended Toby Heart Ginger enough!

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