Posted on 23 May 2017

Fast fashion is an industry that has seen mass growth in recent years, with a large influx in brands and companies producing clothing at an increasingly fast pace, providing the latest fashion trends as they come and most often, at an affordable price. However, through this fast fashion has become somewhat of a controversial topic, bringing into question issues of sustainability, environmental damage and the fall of high-end fashion.
However, at Toby Heart Ginger we are strong believers that you really can have it all. Why can’t you be styled on-trend and at an affordable price yet avoid the issues that many believe fast fashion provides? We think it can be done! So we are here to give you some hot tips on how you can practice fast fashion ethically.
Source ethical brands/ labels.
 Our number one (and most obvious) tip in practicing fast fashion ethically is to source brands whom produce their clothing in the most ethical manners. At Toby Heart Ginger, we design and assemble our collections with fabrics that are personally sourced right here in our West End office. Then, our garments are all ethically made in China from factories sourced by our director herself. We then work closely with these factories to ensure quality, on-trend garments are produced.
Work with staple items
One of the best ways to ensure your wardrobe remains sustainable is to collect a ‘staple’ wardrobe. By this, we mean having pieces in your that can be worn in numerous ways, with numerous items and that will never go out of style. Think basic tees, a versatile pair of jeans, basic pants, white button ups, simple outerwear (i.e. natural coats, leather jackets, denim jackets, etc.) and a little black dress.
By doing this, you will already have a wardrobe that allows you to create numerous looks with just a few staple items, saving you money and avoiding mass-consumerism.
Here are some of our wardrobe must-haves:
Add flare with accessories
With a staple wardrobe set, you will have a wide range of timeless outfits ready to go. Then, to add your unique touch, amp up your outfit with statement accessories. These pieces can be stand-out unique, on-trend or just enough to complete the outfit. Either way, using accessories to make each outfit unique and stylish helps to avoid purchasing ‘on-trend’ garments you may get little to no wear out of before they go out of style or have limited wearability.
Check out some of our favourite accessories right now:
Re-purpose garments
A main issue many have with fast fashion is the way in which it may contribute to excess landfill. However (as well as applying tip number 2 and purchasing timeless staple pieces) by finding alternate ways to wear or use your garments you can avoid waste and also create even more stylish outfits! Turning old dresses you’re bored of into vintage-styled tees, cutting out of date jeans into funky denim cut-offs and creating chokers, hair scarves or handbag accessories out of fabric from old, unwanted garments are just some ideas on how you can re-purpose your old clothing. Get creative!
Develop a budget
Okay, you don’t need to get fancy with this one. Just ensure that the majority of your usual purchasing goes towards garments that you know won’t go out of style any time soon and that you can create multiple looks from. Then, allocate a smaller portion of spending to ‘leeway’ purchasing. Allowing yourself to fill the spaces in your wardrobe with items that may be stand-out or ‘on-trend’. Here’s some of our favs below!
Bailey Ribbed Set (Top and Shorts sold separately)
So there you have it, how you can still shop your fav Toby Heart Ginger garments and remain ethical, go you!

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