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Posted on 10 August 2017

Are you struggling to find anything to wear? Is your wardrobe becoming more and more cluttered? If you're like us, and end up just having too many clothes that you know what to do with, it can become a good habit to give away clothes that you no longer have a use for. 

But sometimes, as much as you wouldn't wear that particular item, you know you spent a fair amount of money on it, and would hate to just give it away. We've got some tips on how you can not only clear the closet, but also make some money back on your old goodies!

First things first, go through everything and make a pile of clothes that you know you can sell, and clothes that you're happy to part with for free. 

That big free pile you've got, pop it all into a bag and take it down to your local vinnies or lifeline. Or, if you live in a city area, most train stations tend to have a charity bin outside of the carpark! There are so many people who cannot afford new clothes, and its good to be able to give something to those less fortunate. 

Next step, go through the selling pile. You might like to divide everything into sections that you know you can get a fair amount back for, and ones that can go for cheap. Now, depending on how much time you have, the below options are great ways to sell these goodies!


There are a lot of sites and phone apps that can be a very useful tool for selling your old clothes. We would suggest using these sites for more big ticketed items, or ones that may be a bit more harder to get rid of. Not only does it reach a wider and more varied amount of people but it allows you the options of auctioning, negotiable pricing or selling at a flat rate. 

Facebook buy/swap/sell, there are also pages for specific items (such as formal wear, or everyday clothes)
Use instagram! so many people make a seperate profile purely for selling clothes. 


Vintage/second hand stores

Op shops are becoming a larger trend in the retail industry and there are some shops that will take on your clothes and pay you for it! So have a look in your local area to see which stores will buy products from their customers. 

Second hand markets. 

As the trend of sustainability is increasing, so are pre-loved clothes markets! 

Suitcase rummage! Where you bring a suitcase full of clothes, pick a spot and sell out of your suitcase! Usually the price is pretty standard and people love to haggle! 

Do a search in your local area to see if there any markets that encourage selling old clothes. If you're in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, Her Wardrobe markets are fantastic and allow you to book a stall to sell your goodies! You can hire a rack and a table or bring your own! And how you organise your stall is up to you. Just keep it simple and appealing! If the cost is a bit steep to book a stall, split with a friend and spend the day together having fun!

Now you've got the tools, here are some tips. 

If you're selling the clothes on an online platform be descriptive! Include all the necessary information like size, brand, colour, how it fits, (if so, any stains or tears) and why it is such a good piece of clothing! 

Photograph it well! 

Natural light, no flash!

Have it either laying against a plain background (white is usually best) 

Or, model it! People like to see how it fits. 

Play with the angles, and have fun with it. 

Just remember to keep it simple. 


Communicate well with how and when you will post the item and deliver on that promise! 

If you're selling at the markets, we can guarantee that if you are sitting down and not engaging with your customers than you won't sell a thing. Have fun with it! Talk to the people at your stall, ask them about their day, sell the product as best as you can, and if both parties are happy to, barter with them! You'll be making money either way so just have fun with it.

Set up your stall so it looks inviting and appealing. 

Have clear signs on the sizes you stock and some brands that may be featured. 

Anything on hanger should have a clear tag for its size. 

Keeping everything on a hanger organised in either size or colour can also look really good! 

Keep the stall looking stocked, once you start selling things its best to keep re-arranging to make it look new and fresh every time someone walks by. 

Now you've got all that spare space for new THG goodies... check out our new arrivals, they'll look great in your updated wardrobe ;) x

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