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Allow us to introduce you to another member of the THG gang, Taneela! Taneela is our newest team member and is our Sales Assistant here at THG, an important role that helps continue our strong relationships between the brand and our buyers. We asked Taneela some questions for more insight into her role and about her favourite holiday spots. 

What is your role here – What does a typical day look like?
 So I work closely with Amelia, as a sales assistant. Basically our goal is to sell THG products to our stockists and build strong relationships. I correspond a lot over email to ensure that when new products drop I know exactly which styles will suit what client. I also have to identify our best-selling styles so we can develop them further for future collections. Whether that be recommending different colours, changing a dress to a two piece and listening to client’s suggestions of what worked for them!
Where are you favourite places to travel and why?
 I’ve been really fortunate to have travelled to many places. Somewhere warm would be my ideal holiday destination but in saying that, I did travel to New York in Winter and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Being in New York over Christmas & New Years with the snow and the amazing atmosphere was incredible. I felt like I was constantly in a movie and it has definitely become my favourite city in the world.
Bali is my overall favourite destination, it’s such a calming and relaxing place. The people are so kind and happy. They don't have much but they are the happiest people you'll ever meet. Bali is somewhere that really grounded me and allowed me to realise how happy I am with my life. 
 Staple items while traveling?
I am the worst person to take packing advice from because I pack my whole wardrobe. A million different outfits with accessories, lipsticks and statement clutches. I end up only wearing a 1/3 of what I pack. 
From what I have learnt, wear what is comfy. If you are going somewhere hot, take plain shorts and flowy shorts that you can change up with a different bag, or a pair of shoes. 
In the cold, a couple of pairs of good, comfy jeans with stretch is a must. If the weather is really cold you can layer thermals underneath and they are comfortable for walking. Also, a few good thick statement jackets because not only are they warm but you can look fabulous on the outside with minimal effort.
Definitely pack a plane outfit! Mine consists of Lorna jane leggings, comfy sneakers and a hoody, because it gets freezing on the place. 
If you are travelling somewhere hot, lots of throw overs for your swimmers. Whether it be kaftans or loose denim shorts and singlet, you want to be able to look appropriate enough to go into a restaurant but have the ability to take it off quickly to go for a swim!
Advice for someone wanting to work in Fashion?
Take a chance, I have always loved fashion from afar, and when I was younger it was my dream to work as a writer in a fashion magazine or become a beauty editor. I always thought it was unachievable, now that I am older I have realised that back then I did have perfect vision.
When my current role was advertised, I was nervous because although I had experience in retail, I didn’t in marketing. I took a chance, applied and low and behold I got the job! You just have to work really hard and take every opportunity. For me though, retail was definitely the stepping stone for experience.
 Your favourite styles here at THG?
Is everything an answer? (laughs)
The Higher Love Fluffy Jacket! I don't handle the cold well and it’s an instant blanket and I have it in all three colours. Absolutely love it.

The brand-new Ace Hotel Blouse, I love it because it is sexy but you can style it day to night and it’s super comfy. 
The Lone Star Mini, which I am wearing today! It’s a flattering shape for all sizes, and you can wear it day to night and it’s super comfortable. It also comes in two colours.
What do you love about working in Fashion?
I love the exposure that you get to so many brands and labels! It's a fashion/visual feast for your eyes. I love the creative freedom that I have, I came from a very corporate background, with heavy procedure based structures. Coming to Toby Heart Ginger, I couldn't believe that my job was to be creative and create new things every day. My brain has never felt so alive! Having input for new colours and styles is so fun and challenging. 
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