Posted on 10 May 2017


Today marks the last day of my internship with Toby Heart Ginger. Finishing up here and reflecting on when I started, I wanted to share some of my experiences with those who might be looking for some work experience.

From the first moment you walk in the door here, you feel welcomed and everyone is friendly and perhaps most importantly, age and experience is irrelevant.

On your first day, after a quick tour of the space, there is a short discussion where they actually ask YOU, what you want to learn throughout this experience. While I said I wanted to learn more in marketing, others might say production, buying, or sales. At that point, you start to realise that THG offers internships to give back, not to use and abuse.

At no point did I feel like I was thrown menial tasks that no one else wanted to do. Nor did I feel like I was overloaded because they were short staffed and wanted to abuse my time. There was a perfect, mutually beneficial balance the whole time I was here. I felt like I helped them by providing another brain to bounce ideas off, but they helped me by teaching me about anything I could think to ask.

Even on top of all that, the most helpful thing I found while here at THG, was that nothing was off limits or ‘top secret’. The girls here know what they’re doing, and they’re confident in it.

I was never excluded from knowing how it all worked. I was allowed to sneak peak the upcoming collection or see the unreleased campaign photographs. I was always given the full picture, which is often one of the hardest things you get during an internship.

I am leaving here knowing how each department in THG operates, and how the pieces fit together. I would highly recommend it to anyone, but be sure to express interest early! They are so accepting of eager learners that there is often a waiting list.

THG offers fashion internships for 6 – 12 weeks.

These internships are suitable for anyone wanting to delve into fashion because these girls do it all under the one roof! Interns here can get an insight into everything:

  • Product development & Design
  • Manufacture, International Logistics & Dispatch
  • Quality control
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photo-shoots & Styling
  • Buying & Trend Forecasting
  • Sales to consumer
  • Sales to retailer

If you’re interested in something but not sure how it ‘fits’ in the industry, this internship can help you. Similarly, if you’re not quite sure where you want to focus, it can give you a taste of everything.


-       Ask questions: Don’t waste your time. Be sure to ask if you don’t understand anything or what to know more.
-       Contribute: If you have an idea, see what they think. You have nothing to loose and you can often get some valuable insight. If you’re idea is something that the team have tried before, and it didn’t work, at least your saving yourself some time in the future.
-       Stay alert outside internship hours: Paying attention to trends and what competitors are doing can help you come prepared each week. It will also help you understand how it all works and train you to brainstorm.
-       Come early: Finding a park around here can be hard! 
-       Be a dog lover: Did I mentioned the furry friends!!

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