A Tribute to the Basics: 13 Uses for Coconut Oil, Talcum Powder, & Coffee Grounds

Posted on 08 August 2017

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil has had its time in the limelight and IT IS NOT OVER. It can basically used for anything and everything, essentially replacing half your beauty products, or at the very least serves as a backup.
Moisturiser - Ooshh, you are going to smell so dang good if you use Coconut Oil as moisturiser. It’s everything you want in a moisturiser because it absorbs fast and is non-greasy, plus you just GLOW!
Highlighter - Repeat, GLOW! As a last step in your makeup routine dab a little oil on your cheekbones and on your eyelids. Just a little touch helps to give a healthy, youthful look. Boom!
Deodorant - Yep! The Oil’s natural antibacterial properties will not only make you smell delicious but it also prevents body odor. Use it on it’s own or add a little baking soda to make a spreadable paste.
Make Up Remover- Seriously, has the point been made yet? MIRACLE LIQUID. Gently apply the oil to your skin and rub in a circular motion. You can use makeup removal pads to remove mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow and it won’t irritate your eyes, in fact it hydrates them! PRAISE.
Hair Conditioner - Hopping back on the moisturising train, you can also use Coconut Oil as a hair conditioner. In the shower use anywhere between 1 teaspoon and 2 tablespoons of the miracle liquid and get yourself some silky, shiny, radiant hair. The oil not only conditions hair but it will also help your hair retain moisture so you can glow for longer! *Claps*
Talcum Powder
Dry Shampoo is definitely a bathroom essential if you’re the kind of person who thinks washing your hair is a chore (it is TBH). But a weekly wash also means A LOT of Dry Shampoo, an expensive habit (and not very environmentally friendly) that can be swapped for Baby Powder/ Talcum Powder. If you’re a blonde you can get away with shaking it straight on your scalp, but if you’re a brunette or ginger you can try adding cocoa powder or cinnamon powder to keep true to your hair colour. TIP: Apply the baby powder before getting dressed or you run the risk of dusting white powder all over your clothes (not a great look).
Fuller Eyelashes- The unavoidable spritz of baby powder that is now all over your face can actually be functional for your makeup. A little baby powder caught in your eyelashes, plus a little mascara, creates density and will plump up your eyelashes so they look longer and fuller.
Makeup Setter - The remaining powder on your face works to set your makeup and removes facial oils, so your makeup will last longer! Now that’s efficiency.
Lighten your Makeup - It’s hard to accept that you aren’t as tan as you used to be, but you can still keep the dream alive without the making the devastating decision to buy a lighter shade. While it’s winter you can mix a little baby powder with your contour and go a few shades lighter. This way you can save cash and keep pretending you’re as tanned as your makeup says you are.
Drinking it is good; spreading it on your body is good. The topical benefits of coffee are outrageously useful as it’s a potent antioxidant that will brighten your skin, reduce puffiness and sooth inflammation. WIN, WIN, WIN.
Exfoliating Scrub – 100% certified as messy business, it is best to restrict coffee scrub use to the shower. Coffee scrubs are a super product for your skin as they help minimize cellulite, increase blood flow and circulation, tightens skin, and your skin just stars to radiate left, right and centre. Making a coffee scrub is as simple as saving your morning coffee grounds in a jar and leaving it in the shower for later that night, super simple stuff.
Hair Mask – This one is for the dark haired people out there. Blondes beware, as a coffee hair mask will tint your locks. Try to emulate your hairdressers amazing massage techniques by exfoliating your scalp with the coffee grounds and then running them through to your ends. The scalp massage will help eliminate dead skin cells and product build-up while also stimulating growth. Dragging the coffee ground through your hair will help revive your colour and give you a good dose of shine too.
Lip Scrub- This one is pretty easy. Mix a little coconut oil and coffee grounds to remove dead skin and rehydrate your lips. Use a toothbrush if you’re getting super serious about those luscious lips.
Rid Puffiness – Frozen spoons are old school now, upgrade to coffee ice cubes and return the bags under your eyes for a fresh faced refund. Add coffee grounds and water to an ice cube tray and freeze over night. In the morning circulate the ice cubes underneath your eyes and the cold will help drain excess fluid while the caffeine will soothe inflammation. Doubly Whammy!
Okay well that’s it for now, go forth and glam up with some of the most basic household ingredients.
Written by Justine Coneybeer

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