5 Fresh Ways to Style Prints

Posted on 27 July 2017

Prints, patterns and bold statement pieces can be extremely daunting to wear. However, it known how to style, wearing these pieces can be an absolute breeze. Here are 5 top tips to get you started and styling prints like a pro.

  1. Keep it Simple


Want the print to do all the talking? Keep it simple just be adding a small dainty earring or choker. Also opt for toning down a print with a simple t-shirt or pair a printed top with denim shorts.

 Inspiration from our Toby Girls: 

Style the ALL OF THE STARS DRESS with cute black booties and a dainty necklace. As seen on @nicolealyseee


Style the LONE STAR MINI DRESS with a simple black cap and sunnies.  S seen on @natysechan


Style the LONE STAR MINI DRESS with a simple black cap and sunnies.  S seen on @natysechan


or with a simple necklace like @lydianna.


2. Don’t Hold Back

Feeling a little bit crazy, why not pack on the accessories. The key to nailing this look is to ensure the accessories match both the outfit and the occasion. Bold belts and wide brimmed fedoras work perfect in the summer for music festivals (as seen via stockists @muraboutuque), while long trench coats, knee high boots and statement necklaces work well for the cooler months.


Or pair the Ellie off the shoulder dress with excess gold jewellery and tan leather accents, like @lydianna.


4. Coordination is Key

 When accessorising it is important to ensure the pieces can be coordinated. Picking a standout colour in the print and sticking to it when accessorising is a sure fire way to look cool and effortless.  

If you are looking for simple, beautiful and versatile accessories that can be teamed perfectly with the THG prints, check out our accessories page here (


5. Mix and Match

If you are feeling super bold and risky, mix-matching patterns and prints could be for you. Stick to a colour theme, (black and white always works) and try pairing two unlikely partners to show your flare. Stars and Stripes always go down a treat. 

Pair with our DAKOTA SET 


  1. Experiment with shape and texture

Why not pair a tight patterned skirt with a loose plain shirt. Or a knitted cardigan with a crepe-textured cami dress. The opportunities are endless! Add elevation to your outfit and throw people off by experimenting with various silhouettes.  

Also don’t forget to check out our new DREAM TONIGHT SHORTS as they are the perfect go-to when wanting to mix up textures, and their unique length and shape also elevate any printed top.

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